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Electrostatic Field Detection System


    During the construction of infrastructure and real estate, engineering truck may often meet with high voltage overhead line system, which leads to personal injury and property damage, and sometimes even power cutoff accident.
AUTOSTAR has developed Electrostatic Field Detection System to solve this problem. When engineering truck installed with this system moves close to overhead transmission line, this system will give out audible warning to remind the operator.


2.Standard Configuration and Specification

    Standard Configuration consists of control box, shielded cable, unshielded cable.
This system adopts advanced digital DSP processing technology, which can accurately detect power line and electrical radiation. When field density exceeds a set value, the system will alarm. It has good anti-interference ability, and can work in all bad weather conditions.

Rated Voltage DC 24V
Working Voltage DC 18V~36V
Power <120mA
Working Temperature -40¡ãC~85¡ãC
Sensitivity -100dB
Detection Range 0~200m


3.Operation Panel is as follows:


Switch ON/OFF: Power ON/OFF
Adjusting knob: adjust threshold-trigger
Self-check button: antenna detection
Field density indicator: 7 Green LED


4.Detection Range

    The system can detect various voltage of transmission power line of 220KV, 110KV, 10KV, 380V, 220V, etc. Detection range depends on system trigger adjusting and field density. When set at the lowest , 220kV power line alarm distance can reach 200m, 220V alarm distance can reach 0.5-1m. Therefore, system alarm trigger threshold level needs to be adjusted depending on construction site environment to reach a reasonable alarming distance.
Operation Step:
    £¨1£©Control the engineering truck bar to be close to overhead line till the safe distance and then keep the bar still.
    £¨2£©Observe the field density indicator light, adjust the knob until it is at the edge of beginning to alarm
    £¨3£© After adjusting, make sure the knob is not changed.After adjusting trigger and thresholds, engineering truck can work normally. During the process of work, if the bar of the truck gets close to overhead line, control box of this system will give out warning. If the bar gets closer, then the audible waning will be faster.


    This system plays as a auxiliary safety equipment for engineering truck. Operator should take responsibility of safety.


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