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Technical staff Date:2011/8/11 23:41:38

Sex: Unlimited | Academic:Technological | Age requirement:20 to 35 Years Old | Num:10

You can submit your resume to our enterprise email:


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    Our company adheres to “people-oriented” belief, to create mutual trust, mutual respect, culture for the growth and progress of the staff, to provide more opportunities and space for the staff’s career planning, to create the necessary conditions for the technological innovation and management innovation, to recognize and reward the employees who have outstanding performance and outstanding contributions.
Talent Strategy
Excellent talent is the foundation of strategic objective and the source of continuous development of company.
Recruitment Principle
Qualified personnel team construction is an important force to promote company independent innovation, technological progress and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Talent philosophy
Autostar sticks to the belief of “integrity, responsibility, innovation”. Character, ability, professionalism, responsibility, modern management and team spirit count in Autostar.

Talents in technology, production, sales, and management are needed in Autostar. Personnel recruitment will be shown on the website. You can submit your resume to our enterprise email:

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